who is savannah

- yellow + red are my favorite colors.. but lately blue has been rising to the top 

- I don’t watch tv without subtitles

- I don’t enjoy animals as much as everyone else seems to.. unless its a cat

- my favorite book is “Like Streams to the Ocean”

- running is one of my favorite things to do! but long walks in my neighborhood are high on that list, too. 

i believe in honesty, community, beauty in everything, + openness. the thing I love about weddings, is that on that day - all of the people that you invited to celebrate with you, all of the details you think through and purposefully choose, the moments that are held within the day - they all only happen once. that group of people, those moments, they only exist one time. my goal is to be present and mindful in every moment, making sure to capture the way the day honestly unfolds. 

your day only happens once, and I think thats a beautiful thing. I would be honored to have the opportunity to see your day as it unfolds, and capture it honestly. 

i shoot both digital + film for every wedding + session. 
my film work I want to be through the lens of a friend. someone is a part of your day + can capture the honesty + playfulness of you + your guests. 

my approach