In each wedding, I find significance in the unique blend of honesty, community, and the inherent beauty present in every moment. The day is a collection of carefully chosen details, a range of emotions, and the gathering of people who share in the joy of the occasion. 

What captivates me most is the realization that this specific combination of individuals, this particular confluence of moments, will never occur again. It's a one-time occurrence, a singular event in the story you’re telling. My aspiration as a photographer is to navigate through this ephemeral landscape with mindfulness and presence, ensuring that every nuance is captured authentically.

In using both digital and film photography, I aim to offer a comprehensive perspective. Digital photos allow for crisp and vibrant images, while film brings a timeless, nostalgic quality that resonates with the sentimental essence of the day. Through the lens of a friend, I seek to immerse myself in the genuine interactions, to become not just an observer but a participant in the experience.

I consider it a privilege to be entrusted with the responsibility of documenting your day. To witness the unfolding narrative, to freeze those irreplaceable moments in time, and to encapsulate the true spirit of your celebration. Your wedding day is a unique chapter in your life story, and I am dedicated to preserving its authenticity and beauty.

my approach